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Frost Pedestal Ashtray


  • All steel welded construction of heavy duty 12 & 18 gauge steel. Inlet grill and frame is 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel.


  • RAL super durable TGIC-free polyester powder coating provides rust proof finish. Tested to survive harsh summer and winter weather.


  • Tumbler keyed lock
  • Easy access large capacity receptacle
  • 1,500-1,800 cigarettes (1.6 gallons)
  • Receptacle dimensions: 3.4″ x 6″ x 18.75″
  • Concealed mounting screw locations for anchoring
  • Perfect for use at office buildings, schools, retail outlets, parks, sports facilities, and other commercial properties requiring maximum durability and attractive looks.
  • Weight 33 lbs (15kg)

Dimensions: Post: 8.25″ W x 41.5″H x 5.25″D, Base: 15.75″ x 15.75″
Installation: Holes provided for anchor mounting. Easy installation into any location
Warranty:  1 year warranty against defective workmanship.


The Code 920 Smoking Station can only be used when fully assembled. Cigarettes can only be introduced through the front inlets. The unit must be locked at all times except for maintenance.

The Code 920 smoking station is designed to receive cigarette butts ONLY, no other form of paper or material should be inserted. Flammable material should NEVER be introduced into the unit. Flammable materials may create a fire hazard. The Code 920 smoking station is for outdoor use only. The smoking station cannot be used indoors.

When mounting or designing your smoking area, position the smoking station so that pedestrians or other forms of traffic will not bump into or knock over the smoking station. Do not position unit on or near flammable surfaces.

Initially the unit must be inspected on a regular basis to determine the frequency of emptying and maintenance. Perform regular maintenance based on the frequency of use.

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