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Fresh lines, smooth and silent operation, safety and durability make the Deluxe Series Locker our most popular locker. This locker can be used for virtually

every application: in schools, colleges, change rooms, of!ces, homes and multi-use facilities.

GENERAL ______________________________

The following speci!cations apply to all Shanahan’s

lockers, except Coin Lockers.

Frame – 16 gauge formed steel channel welded to form a one-piece

construction with an integral continuous door stop on both hasp and hinge sides. A

10 gauge hasp, formed to accept padlock is welded to the frame.

Hinges – The frame is equipped with 2-1/2”, 14 gauge, 5-knuckle hinges

featuring a non-removable pin. The hinges are welded to the frame. Three hinges

on single tier doors; all multi-tiered lockers have two hinges per door.

Handlebox and Pull – The door is equipped with a stainless steel

handlebox inset !ush with locker face. A pry-proof number plate is provided within

the “ngerpull. The handlebox is fastened to door with a tamperproof fastener.

Number Plates – Black polypropylene with silver embossed numbers and/

or letters.

Silencers – Two rubber bumpers per door fastened to the inner face of the

door with tamperproof fasteners.

Coat Hooks – Three coat hooks are provided per compartment for single and

double tier lockers only. The coat hooks are fastened to locker sides and back with

tamperproof fasteners.

Trim – Accessories such as continuous metal base, “nished end panels, “ller

panels, and slope top are manufactured from 20 gauge cold rolled steel in a

variety of sizes and pro”les. Trim is generally “nished the same colour as the

locker frame, unless otherwise advised.

Finishing – All steel surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and degreased in an

automatic wash process and iron phosphatized for positive paint adhesion. Powdercoated

“nish not less than 1 mm thick. Door, frame and trim colours to be selected

from Shanahan`s standard range.

Shanahan`s recommends in areas of high humidity or

corrosive environments, that all components be fabricated

of galvanneal steel.

DELUXE SERIES ________________________

Body – Locker bodies are fabricated from 24 gauge pre-painted galvanized

steel. Locker back and side panels are attached together by means of continuous

lock forming, running the complete height of the locker. Locker tops, shelves, and

bottoms are !anged on all sides and fastened to the locker back and side panels

with tamperproof fasteners. Standard colour is 202 Surf White.

Doors – Doors are !ush with locker frame. The Deluxe-20 Locker outer panel of

the door is 20 gauge cold-rolled steel and the inner panel of the door is 24 gauge

cold-rolled steel. The Deluxe-16 Locker outer panel is 16 gauge cold-rolled steel

with a 20 gauge cold-rolled steel inner panel. Double panel construction welded for

rigidity. Doors are reinforced with structural slab honeycomb for additional strength

and sound-deadening qualities. Doors are attached to hinges with tamperproof


Ventilation – Ventilation slots provided at top and bottom of single, double

and triple tier locker doors.

Assembly – Deluxe Lockers are available fully assembled, without trim, in banks

of one or two units, or, completely knockdown.

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